Debuff icons and damage types

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Debuff icons and damage types

Postby Ainaloa » Sun Sep 20, 2015 6:08 pm

I know it's already been mentioned but I think this is definitely something the game needs. I died several times on a boss today thinking it was from lag. Turns out he was locking my spells out. There's been numerous times I've wondered what the heck is going on but without debuff icons it's pretty hard to tell especially when fighting something for the first time.

I also have spells that cure things... I've used them randomly on bosses when I think I may have some damage over time on me and sometimes I swear it helps but who knows really lol. I'd love to have damage types possibly color coded as well. Some bosses do a lot of damage and I randomly try to build my defense for certain types but most cases I haven't been able to tell if it makes a difference or not.
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