New player bundle packages

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New player bundle packages

Postby Tanker » Wed Jan 13, 2016 4:35 am

I've seen in many games where new players have a small window of opportunity to purchase bundle packages. For example if we offered a new player bundle package here in WoM it could contain a few bags for their backpack, x amount of gold, some xp boosters, and a few health and mana potions. Perhaps charge $5 for a basic bundle package. A little higher priced package could perhaps contain a white horse mount in addition to the other items, maybe even a random vanity pet. Perhaps make the offer valid for 72hrs after the start of a new account. This would of course have to be advertised somehow, perhaps on the store page in-game.
Bundle packages for new players would give them an opportunity to get a head start in the game, but would also generate revinue for the game early on. The 72 hour window provides an incentive to purchase a bundle of goodies at a discount before the offer expires. This window of time is also when new players are just trying out the game for the first time and if they only play for three days and quit well at least the game may have sold a bundle package to them first. 8-)

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