It works, I got 2k free mithril.

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It works, I got 2k free mithril.

Postby Tanker » Tue Apr 01, 2014 4:48 pm

I'm usually pretty scepticle about "free" anything and in global chat I often see people recomend the Free mithril offers to people who complain about having to buy mithril. So, I decided to give one of the offers a try myself. I dont promote anything unless I have tested it myself first. Well, anyhow the free 2,000 mithril from the Swagbucks offer actually pays off!! It took me about 2.5 hours of taking one survey after another, to reach the goal of 450 swagbucks. Once you reach 450 swagbucks your WoM account gets credited with 2,000 mithril. I posted pics. 8-)
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Re: It works, I got 2k free mithril.

Postby KittyKat » Wed Dec 17, 2014 2:23 pm

Swagbucks offer is no longer available.

"Oops! Looks like you've completed this offer.

Many of our advertisers limit the number of times you can complete an offer. But don't worry, we have a lot of offers, so please go back and try another one."
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